Custom Order for Ashlea

Custom Order for Ashlea

Custom Listing for Ashlea with customer-supplied fabric:

(1) 9/12 Months Swing Set
(1) 2/3T Pinny
(2) pigtail bows

For Swing set: As much embroidery as possible, add lace trim around hem of tunic

For Pinny: To be made with squared-off bodice (sitting a little lower than typical pattern). Matching pockets if possible. 2T length, 3T waist. Skirt and straps to be made with "linen" color fabric. Pockets moved slightly towards the front of skirt. Add lace hem to skirt.

For bows: To be made no longer than 2" in length and on smaller alligator clips. 

9/12 Swing set- $100
2/3T pinny- $90
Tablecloth- $26.99 + $13.00 shipping = $39.99
Two pigtail bows- $10

= $239.99
- 10% discount ($23.99)
= $216.00

All items to be made and shipped within 5-10 business days.

Thank you!!