"Judy"  Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit
"Judy"  Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit
"Judy"  Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit
"Judy"  Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit
"Judy"  Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit
"Judy"  Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit
"Judy"  Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit
"Judy"  Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit
"Judy"  Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit

"Judy" Made-to-Order Embroidered Outfit


This listing is for a made-to-order outfit using the "Judy" embroidered textile that is pictured here. This adorable vintage textile features jolly appliqued Santa's surrounded by sweet embroidered florals in pastel tones against a classic white cotton background.

Only a very limited number of listings will be available to start (more listings may be added if fabric is available when I'm able to take on more orders within my turnaround time) and outfits will be made and shipped within 3 weeks (unless special arrangements need to be made for coordinating fabrics, please see below).

PLEASE NOTE: The price for this listing is the "base price" for your outfit. Once you choose an outfit style in the dropdown box above, that "remaining balance" for that outfit will be added to your cart.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Due to the size/scale of the embroidered Santa's, I recommend the following styles for this one:
-Swing sets, bubble rompers, and any of the flutter dresses or pants rompers size 2T and up. Otherwise, the Santa will need to be slightly cut off to fit the pattern. If you're fine with that, please feel free to order whatever size/style you desire, but please know that compromises with the pattern/embroidery may have to be made on the smaller sizes.


You may choose between the following outfit styles (please see photos for examples of each outfit style!):

 Outfit style Sizes Available Price
Swing Set 0/3 months-4T $90.00
Bubble Romper 0/3 months-4T $75.00
Narrow Sleeve Flutter Top
**Can add sleeves!
0/3 months-10 $75.00
Narrow Sleeve Flutter Dress
**Can add sleeves!
0/3 months-10 $85.00
Wide Sleeve Flutter Dress (partial embroidery)
**Can add sleeves!
0/3 Months-10 $85.00
Wide Sleeve Flutter Dress (full embroidery)
**Can add sleeves!
0/3 months -10 $110.00
Pinafore Dress 0/3 months-10 $85.00
Flutter Pants Romper 0/3 months-6 $80.00

Peplum Top (partial embroidery)

2T-10 $70.00

Peplum Top (full embroidery)

2T-10 $85.00
Peplum Dress (partial embroidery) 2T-10 $85.00
Peplum Dress (full embroidery) 2T-10 $100.00
Peter Pan Collar Dress 6/12 months-10 $85.00
*"Surprise me" Style (see below) Newborn-10 $110.00

I'm really excited to be able to offer a "Surprise me" style option for those either only have a basic idea of what they'd like (i.e. fabric choice, color family, desire for sleeves and lace in some capacity, etc.) or alternatively, know exactly what they want, but it . Once I have that info, plus a few more details (age of your child, climate where you live, etc.), I will create a completely custom outfit for you based on that criteria. This option is entirely inclusive of any added embellishments (i.e. lace), unique fabric, pattern alterations, etc. With this option, you don't need to know exactly what you want; by allowing me to have "creative control" over the outfit, you'll be guaranteed to get something entirely special and unique for your special and unique girl!

Alternatively, you may also use this option if you know exactly what you want, but it requires extensive design changes/pattern alterations (i.e. may require me to purchase/draft a new pattern to meet your request), or requires specialty fabrics (i.e. furs, tulle, sequined fabric, etc.). Use this option when you have an idea for something that I haven't done before, but would like me to create! :)

** If you'd like to add sleeves to your flutter dress/romper, please request them in the Notes at checkout! 


1) If you are selecting a dress or flutter pants romper, you may also request the coordinating color for the skirt, sleeves, etc. Please see my new Linen Color Chart here to check out all the options! You can put your color request in the "notes" section during checkout or reply to your order confirmation email to speed up the checkout process.

* If fabric color must be ordered (I don't have all colors on hand, unfortunately), then turnaround time may be delayed by a few days to account for the need for shipping. If you have a question about a certain fabric color/material, don't hesitate to ask me prior to ordering!

Alternatively, if you are interested in a fabric other than linen, like a velvet, corduroy, flannel, or plaid, those options may be available! The beauty of these made-to-order releases is that you can truly customize to get a true bespoke, special outfit. Please contact me if you are interested in any special fabric/embellishment requests!

2) If you are ordering a size over size 6, please indicate in the notes during checkout (or respond to your order confirmation email) with your specific size choice (between 7-12).

3) Every effort is always made to include as much embroidery as possible on each piece and so that designs are centered/placed at optimal locations on pattern pieces. Certain special requests may be submitted; however, final fabric/embroidery placement will be at the discretion of the maker.

3) I often have enough scrap fabric to make a few matching bows; they are a $10 add-on and can be attached to either a nylon headband or reversible alligator clip! If you are interested in a bow, please reply to your order confirmation email and I will send you a separate invoice if fabric allows!


US Domestic shipping is FREE on orders over $40.

**Standard of Grace items are not intended for unsupervised sleeping. Some products may contain ties and/or small pieces that could become choking/strangulation hazards. Standard of Grace is not liable for any accidents, related or unrelated, that may occur while wearing Standard of Grace products.

Please see FAQ page/contact me if you have any questions!