My Story

Hi, I'm Andrea! I am wife to my amazing husband, and mama to my sweet girl, Gracelyn Pearl, and little guy Jack. We live in Spokane, WA in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

This little shop was born out of the combined love for sewing/creating and the desire to stay at home with my littles. It all actually began with crocheted baby hats and sewn swaddles/bibs, but when my little muse, Gracelyn, was born, it expanded from making outfits for her, to making outfits for the babes of friends and family, and it has now grown to being able to create special pieces for all of you!

In 2015, at a vintage expo, I found a vintage tablecloth adorned with gorgeous hand-embroidery. I had no idea what I was going to make with it, but I knew I had to have it. It sat in my fabric pile for months. Finally, I made my first swing set set out of it (pictured to the right!) and listed it on my website. It sat there for months before being purchased. But then, and it felt like all of a sudden, more and more people were contacting me wondering how they could purchase a set too. So I found more tablecloths. And made more outfits. And started expanding my designs to rompers and dresses as well. And here we are today!

I'm so excited that you all love the idea of repurposing pre-loved textiles as much as I do. Taking special things from the past and turning them into special pieces for today (and generations to come) is a path I didn't foresee, but am now thoroughly passionate about! As we all know, the fashion industry is inundated with a lot of "stuff" and the waste created from fashion is kind of incomprehensible. To be able to upcycle fabrics and turn something old into something new is certainly not a novel idea, but it's one I'm thrilled to be a part of!

The name of my shop, Standard of Grace, is both a nod to my daughter and my favorite quote. The quote states, "I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection." This is a mantra that I believe is important both for moms to believe about themselves and to instill into their daughters (and sons!). No one is perfect, nor should they be, and we could all use a little grace from time to time...or if you're a mama, all the time. ;)


I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do what I do and YOU are the reason why! Thank you for your support of handmade, upcycled fashion, and my little family!