September 5, 2018 Update

Hi, friends! I first want to thank everyone for following along with me this last year (or beyond if you've stuck around that long!). This summer was crazy and busy, just like all the best summers are, and I'm so excited to continue the momentum into the fall season.

I mentioned some updates in my Instagram stories recently, but since those only last for 24 hours and IG algorithms are super weird and many people probably missed it, I decided I'd post those updates here where they can't disappear until I want them to. ;)

The main update is that there is going to be a price increase that will be implemented on all releases starting in the month of September and all custom orders starting in the month of November (customs are already full through October, so I'm honoring the old prices on those orders).

Outfits will now be priced on a sliding scale based on a few factors: condition of the textile, extent of the embroidery on the outfit, the popularity of textile in the past (if I'm able to find a duplicate textile), popular colors/designs/trends. All of these factors are left to the discretion of the maker.

Here's what the new prices will look like:

Swing Sets: $85 - $105 (based on factors explained above)

Rompers: $75 - $95 (based on factors explained above)

I want [all of you amazing!!] customers to know that this increase is based on many factors, so it is not an arbitrary increase just to "make more money." After much thought and consideration, I've found that this change is necessary at this point in time in order for my business to continue and to grow. I cannot even begin to explain how much I appreciate all of your support and the fact that you choose to spend your hard-earned money on the things that I create. I am continually humbled by this unique privilege and I promise to keep finding ways to better serve you all!

Lastly, I want to mention that along with a price increase comes an upgrade in the way my products will be packaged! All Standard of Grace outfits will now be sent in sweet cotton muslin bags that you can store and keep your one-of-a-kind outfit in once your girl has outgrown it, and that bag will be shipped in an eco-friendly recyclable kraft mailer, which falls in line with my mission to reduce waste and be both intentional and economical in the way I do business. I hope that you all like this new change in the way you receive your special pieces from Standard of Grace! I’m so excited for what’s to come!