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Welcome to the new Standard of Grace website!

I debated for a good while before deciding to switch site hosts for my website and finally bit the bullet! I decided to make the jump for a few reasons, but mostly, this platform provides increased functionality for me to be able to provide you all with the best experience while shopping on my site

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September 5, 2018 Update

Hi, friends! I first want to thank everyone for following along with me this last year (or beyond if you've stuck around that long!). This summer was crazy and busy, just like all the best summers are, and I'm so excited to continue the momentum into the fall season. I mentioned some updates in my Instagram stories recently, but since those only last for 24 hours and IG algorithms are super weird and many people probably missed it, I decided I'd post those updates here where they can't disappear until I want them to. ;) The main update is that there is going to be a price increase that will be implemented on all releases starting in the month of...

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