Welcome to the new Standard of Grace website!

I debated for a good while before deciding to switch site hosts for my website and finally bit the bullet! I decided to make the jump for a few reasons, but mostly, this platform provides increased functionality for me to be able to provide you all with the best experience while shopping on my site, and probably most importantly for you all, it accepts Apple Pay! I've been receiving requests for Apply Pay for a loonnggg time and when it became clear that my previous site host had no immediate plans to integrate that payment option, I knew it was time to look elsewhere.

This platform also just has so many more options to customize my website and your experience on it, and I like that it can grow with my little business.

It may take a bit to "work the kinks out," while I get used to how this new site works, so bear with me, but I hope you all like the new changes!

Photo above by @a.mariska